XL Media Advisory

This site has been created by XL Results Foundation to alert the press to a campaign
of anonymous emails about our company, targeted at the media. For 32 months we
have been hounded by a hysterical spammer on a maniacal mission, alleging
wrongdoing of ever increasing proportion and silliness. While the allegations
continually change, the pattern of engagement has remained the same.

What you can expect

1. You will receive allegations against our company from anonymous Yahoo
emails,dressed up as an ‘official press release’ or a ‘community petition’
with links toblogs or articles that have also all originated from the same
source but under different guises.
2. The allegations are enticing and invite further investigation. They range
fromcriminal misconduct to fraud to mistreated customers to financial
3. On certain occasions, a newspaper or journalist has seen an angle worth
reporting,and a press article has resulted. At times with quotes from
these anonymous emails or other articles propagated by these anonymous
4. The article is then mass spammed and blogged anonymously to our
customers,partners and stakeholders by the author of the emails, with
headlines and editingdesigned to spread further alarm and distress
5. This cycle is then repeated.
We would like to alert all journalists and writers who receive such emails to be
aware ofthis pattern. Many who have received them have searched for legitimate
sources and,have found none. Some have been excited by the idea of a potential
story and have gone ahead and published without any sufficient due diligence.

Our request

We are grateful for any press we receive as an organization, but would request that
you check the claims being sent to you and the agenda behind them. We urge any
journalists who are contacted in this way to be wary of being manipulated by this
approach. We are transparent in all aspects of our company, which is dedicated to
growing the power of social entrepreneurs to create and contribute throughout the
world. For verification or inquiries on all aspects of our global commercial and
charitable activities, please contact legal@resultsfoundation.com
for full details of the history of the anonymous emails, the legal case in relation to
the allegations and for our detailed responses, exposing these claims as false and
hysterical in nature, please visit: http://www.xlresultsfoundation-legal-file.com/

History of Articles Generated

From hundreds of emails sent out over a 32 month period, a number of articles have been
published and you are likely to find these as attachments in the emails you receive. For a
more complete background, below is a history of the articles to date, the pattern of behaviour surrounding each, and our response:

Straits Times Articles, October 2006

The Singapore Straits Times was sent anonymous emails claiming a ‘community petition’ against
XL Results Foundation by our members. Anonymous emails containing this ‘petition’, which
contained a wide variety of claims against XL, had been bombarding our members on a weekly
and monthly basis for two year prior (all the claims are listed and the source of the petition itself explained in the web link above). The result of this had been that some members had become distressed by the emails while others simply ignored them.

The Straits Times investigated the claims in the emails they received of fraud, criminal conduct,
unethical behaviour, lack of value of our membership program, and so on. They ended up
dismissing the various claims but writing an article about 30 ‘unhappy members’. We immediately responded in a letter which was also published in the Straits Times. We made the point that
any of our members who chose to transfer could easily do so as XL membership is transferable,
and if there was any truth in this claim, for those members to come forward so we could facilitate
their transfer. Of our 2,500 Life Members, we facilitate transfers on a regular basis as there is
a fluid market for membership in over 30 cities around the world.

What followed the article was a series of anonymous emails and blogs intended to generate
more alarm. We ignored these, as did most of our members.

Straits Times Article, November 2006

Despite our requests to the Straits Times and Ann Phua (an individual whose details were included
in many of the anonymous emails) for details of any legitimate members who had genuine
grievances, we were met with silence. A press stunt designed to cast XL in a negative light
then followed. Following a call from Ann Phua to our General Manager to set an appointment
to meet, Ann Phua appeared with a group presenting themselves as our members. Some were,
many were not. The group arrived and were co-ordinated with matching envelopes, and a press photographer in tow to capture the happy moment.

An article followed the next day in the Straits Times, followed by a barrage of emails and blogs containing the article and with wild titles including “Press Release – Roger Hamilton – serial conman expands into UK market” and “Straits Times – XL members lodge $460,000 in refunds”.

We immediately called a meeting for all Life Members in Singapore the following week –
to reiterate to all that any members who wanted to transfer were free to do so, and that this
article was an engineered press stunt. Our legitimate Life Members on the other hand were
focused at moving forward. All members who chose to transfer did so, and those who chose
to continue to support XL and their membership have remained.

The meeting was then followed by another barrage of emails titled “All XL members to get refund – complete your transfer form now!” and “Roger Hamilton to refund more than SGD$ 1 million to disgruntled members of the business community”. All predicted dire finances and ongoing strife for XL and all were entirely false and fantastical.

Courier Mail Article, February 2007

Changing tack, by February the anonymous emails began targeting the Australian Press, titled “Press Release: Community warned against flying fraudster”. The Courier Mail was the one newspaper that chose to follow up the emails. We let them know the history of the email they were receiving. The Courier Mail chose to print an article all the same, using the anonymous emails and the Straits Times article as the base, and quoting an ‘Andrew Tan’, which is one of the fictional characters used in the Yahoo emails.

What followed was a further flurry of emails and blogs out to our network titled “Wealth beyond Words – self proclaimed guru Roger Hamilton in Australia press” and “Roger Hamilton & XL confronted by Australian media (Wealth Guru under fire in Australia)”

Brisbane Times Article, May 2007

Several months later, following further anonymous emails, the Brisbane Times followed a similar pattern, with the journalist writing an article based on claims within the Yahoo email, the Straits Times article and the Courier Mail article, but with no attributable sources.

This article was again followed by mass spamming titled “Australian media warns community on XL – suspect business network” and “FWD: Company in Singapore faces mass refunds as scheme unravels.” despite no such refunds, no such scheme and no such unraveling.

The Yahoo emails all depend on reference to blogs or articles which themselves are generated by the Yahoo emails to provide an air of legitimacy. These emails continue on a weekly basis whether referring to a new blog, another email or a new article, but all under anonymity and none with reputable or reliable sources. With all the good work that our members and our organization conducts towards World Wide Wealth every day, we have found the best strategy is simply to ignore this side-show by an individual who could clearly be doing better with their time. We ask you to do the same, and apologize for the time you may have wasted on this.

Posted by XL Group Management
Last updated on 20th July 2007


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